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Weird bug when mirroring The Climb on Rift S

LordCroftLordCroft Posts: 1
edited February 13 in Games and Apps
Hi there,

as you can see, The Climb looks weird on my screen when it is mirrored. Insteadt of fullscreen, there are wide black bars on both sides. Doesn't matter if I use automatic mode while playing or setting up the oculusmirror.exe file. Everything's fine inside my Rift S. This is the only game this happens with so far. I contacted The Climb support and they theorized that only one eye is mirrored.

What do you think? Any idea how I can fix this?



  • TheMartensTheMartens Posts: 1
    I think this is caused by only one LCD screen on Rift S. Since this game was originally adjusted for Rift which had two screens (one per eye). They most probably never update the game and its causing this weird aspect ratio because of that.
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