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For the Dev Team: Feature Request

Would it be possible to allow us to toggle updates between previous and current versions in both the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Rift PC software?

I think is very poor on Oculus behalf that they roll out a forced version update that mismatches and destroys compatibility.

I spent all week working, I come to the weekend to play VR, to find you have updated my headset to v13 but PC is stuck at v12, so I turn on PTC and I get v14, buggy as hell, so switch back, the update tells me all about v13.1, only to install v12 again, many hours wasted, and now its time to put the headset down as Ive run out of time.

Either allow us to turn off updates, making this process completely manual for both pieces of software, or allow us to wind updates back until versions are matching.

I was totally happy with v12 on both the PC and the Headset, I could play my games and enjoy myself, as this is what I purchased it for, but you're now starting to remind me of the Microsoft team with WMR and updates breaking everything.

Just leave it alone and let me decide when to update the dam thing!

Just give me a notice that there is an update, and the version numbers, so I can decide if the time is right, I also dont appreciate while my headset is parked, not plugged into power, you come along an update it, sneaky like without my consent, I'm thinking of running wireshark finding how you force this through my firewall s I can completely lock the service out from my network!


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    Welcome to the Oculus Beta testing team! Where you beta test or you don't play at all!!! And sometimes you don't play at all even when beta testing!!!!!
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