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Software and 20 GB game won't download...

So I went and bought a game on Oculus store, and when I went to install it, I saw the Oculus app had a new software update.  No problem, right?  It's just a software update.  Unfortunately, no matter how many times I click the "Install" symbol, it won't respond in any way.  I have checked my connection each and every time I have opened the app, and the software won't update.  I'm thinking, "Well, It'll just be a problem for another day."  I go to install the new game I got, and it almost immediately stops downloading.  Each time I press install on this game, it installs the same 11 folders in a different location each time.  Could somebody tell me if these 2 problems are somehow related, or how to fix the problem with the game?  I really couldn't care less about the software update, unless it is impacting my ability to install games.  (Also, I have successfully installed other games and apps, but it's only my new game that doesn't function, and yes, I have tried just turning my computer off and on again, as well as restarting the Oculus software, and changing the installation location to every imaginable install folder.)


  • StalestBreadStalestBread Posts: 2
    The software update is 13.1 and the game is Project Cars, in case that is helpful.
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