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Quest link audio

SectionOneSectionOne Posts: 19
After trying my new Quest with the link, I'm having 2 issues.

1. Mic is not working
2. Sounds in some games are bad. Gun sounds sound very loud and other sounds sound very low. And the general volume is too low. Is there an equilizer or something?
    Or should I disable the "Oculus virtual audio device" and use headphones connected to my PC?


  • vargabloodvargablood Posts: 75
    Hiro Protagonist
    its normal that the integrated mic is not working usink LINK at the moment. oculus will enable it in a future update.
  • SectionOneSectionOne Posts: 19
    what about my second question?

    When I am using external headphones, I have the same problem, but then I went into Sound Control Panel and enabled "Loudness Equalization" for my "Speakers (Realtek((R) Audio)", it fixed it. and all sounds are at the same level.

    However there is no such option for the Oculus virtual audio device..

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