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Stormland Cloud disruptor

Pastie_KillerPastie_Killer Posts: 4
Been playing this on and off for the past few months when I get time and love the game but..........I've now come to a point where I'm getting annoyed - the Cloud Disruptor attachment in game.....How the hell do you use it???
I fire at the cloud below me, nothing, I fire at the opposite bank of the chasm, nothing, I try firing it down and jumping. nothing. Try running full speed and firing ahead, fades before I get to it after judging my velocity and the time it's active. nothing
Must have died 30 times and eventually took my headset up and tried searching google.......guess it.....nothing.
The instructions in game are minimal - point at the cloud and jump. Ok, what cloud?  the cloud I'm shooting over at speed in front of the chasm? how far ahead do i fire, do i try standing still and firing it, do I try flying full speed in the short distance I have, fire ahead of me and leap at the same time....tried about 10 times.....dead every time. I give up.

I've searched the internet for about 2 hours and all I can find are reviews, top 10 hints which don't help at all. A few youtubes of guys running around swearing and doing everything I can already.

Can someone please tell me how to use this? or point me to a video?
Or point me to a facebook group which lets you post?

Many thanks
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