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Oculus Link stopped working - I've tryed everything...

acefailureacefailure Posts: 3
edited February 13 in Support
Hello, like many others I'm having trouble with my oculus link connection, to be more precise with the 3 dots problem.

To get a bit more context my Oculus Quest has been working perfectly since I got my third part cable for a couple of months, except the two times I've got to wait for a quest update in order to use it... But that's another problem. The thing is that almost two weeks ago the oculus link decided to stop working, I didn't change a thing in my computer, no updates, no uninstall, nothing, one day was working and the next day wasn't.

  • I don't have GeForce experience superposition on.
  • My RTX 2070 Super is updated.
  • My Oculus Quest is updated.
  • My Oculus PC app is updated.
  • I don't have an integrated GPU.
  • My cable has been always working.
  • I have reinstalled the Oculus PC app several times.
  • I'm not in the oculus public beta.
  • I have done a factory reset on my Quest.
  • All my USB controllers are updated.
  • I have turned developer mode on and off.
  • Obviously I have restarted my Quest and PC a countless number of times.
  • I have reversed my cable to try if the other way around works.
  • My Windows is updated.
  • I get 3 dots but I can hear Oculus Home PC with my headphones plugged to my PC
  • My GPU rises to 40-45% when entering oculus link with 3 dots
  • I have tried Steam VR, and steam VR thinks the headset is working I can eve see what I should see in my Quest

To be honest, I don't know what to do, I need the Quest for work, and it has been working perfectly since a couple of weeks, I don't understand how something can work perfectly and without doing anything the next day stops working. The worst part is that I'm not alone, I haven't seen that many problems with a product in my life, tickets not answered, a forum full of problems a no comments from the staff, this is not a serious behavior for a big company like Facebook, they need to change this situation because is getting worse each day.

By the way, VRidge from RiftCat works perfectly with Quest despite the latency compared to use a cable, but still blows my mind that a third party software could work better than the Oculus Link...
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