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Will Oculus ever accept Bitcoin

ericodaproericodapro Posts: 16
I have a little stash of bitcoin saved up and with the prices going up like they are Id like to spend some of it on other things than online gambling sites! And what better currency to buy VR related things with than crypto???


  • Umpa_PCUmpa_PC Posts: 338
    I can't see it.  Why not cash them in for real money ?
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  • BeastyBaiterBeastyBaiter Posts: 807
    If bitcoin ever becomes a mainstream currency, then they might. Problem is I don't see that happening. In order for a thing to be usable as currency, people have to accept it as such. Yes, that's arbitrary and a redundant statement. Without a government forcing people to use it at gun point (e.g. USD, Euro's, Yen...) or some sort of inherit value (e.g. gold, bags of rice, etc) it will never make that jump to popular acceptance as a form of payment.
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