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No games in library and no internet, but wifi is there and working

Jamsandwich999Jamsandwich999 Posts: 1
Hi, i bought my son the quest for Xmas all was fine until he switched it on this morning, no access to his library or the store, wifi says it is connected (and is working through the house) but no content and when he goes to the browser it says no internet. Also we can't reboot the thing as when asked to choose via the vol buttons he cant choose reboot and it just shuts down.

Any help is greatly appreciated
many thanks ;)


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 586 Oculus Staff
    Hey @Jamsandwich999, I'm sorry to hear you're having issue with the Internet on your Quest. If you haven't already, please try forgetting the WiFi network and connecting to it again. You can do this by going to Settings->WiFi->selecting your Wifi network and then selecting the Forget button. If you're using a dual-band (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz) wireless router than automatically switches between the two bands then this may cause issues. If possible, try changing your wireless router settings so it only uses a single band. Please contact support here if you need more help. Thanks! -Rick
  • bonzogolfbonzogolf Posts: 1
    Did  you find a solution to this problem? My son is having the same issue.
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