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Are you ever going to fix the “Can’t install because of antivirus” bug?

stlredbird97stlredbird97 Posts: 1
Seriously, it’s been a few months now. I clearly have no antivirus or firewall up. And i’ll install two games and then the third, boom, cant install bc of antivirus. Its getting to the point that i dont want to buy anything for fear that i’ll run into this. 


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 586 Oculus Staff
    Hey @stlredbird97, I'm sorry to hear you're having issues installing. If you haven't already, you may want to try enrolling in our Public Test Channel (PTC) to receive the latest updates. Steps on enrolling in the PTC are available here. If you need more help, please contact support here. Thanks! -Rick
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