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Noname Face Mask Issues

DR01DR01 Posts: 1
Be careful when buying noname face masks. Check my experience below. Excuse me for bad English.
Please add your comment, especially if you have different experience.
Sharing Oculus Quest with my son, I was looking for another face mask, to have one personal mask for each.
Third party (Nonane) masks are offered worldwide, Described as "compatible" (fits, matching...) Oculus Quest.
Hundreds or maybe thousands of sellers are sharing the same pictures, so I presume that it is all the same product.
So, the issue is related to users wearing dioptic glasses. While original face mask is shaped well and inner space is matching the most of dioptric glasses, noname mask was totally disappointing. Inner space was too small. Totally wasted money. Look at pictures below.
For users wuthout dioptric glasses: noname mask locking ribs were not matchning headset, so mask was falling out.



  • Umpa_PCUmpa_PC Posts: 338
    People (like myself) tend to buy replacement masks for comfort.  Have you tried the VRCover versions ?
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