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Oculus Link Freezing

TheGuineaPigTheGuineaPig Posts: 4
I've seen many that have this issue, but no solutions have worked for me.
The issue is that oculus link after a few minutes freezes in the headset whilst still running on my pc, I've tried different usb ports and meet all the specs. Anyone have any solutions that worked for them?


  • neovirageneovirage Posts: 6
    I have the same problem. It worked beautifully until the latest update. After that I can't connect my Quest to my  computer without it freezing after a few seconds.
  • TheGuineaPigTheGuineaPig Posts: 4
    Have you found a solution? Because I almost only use oculus link now and am almost unable to play games I paid money for...
  • PWal83PWal83 Posts: 13
    I'm the same it worked fine on version 11 started freezing on 12 and is even worse on 13, if anyone does find a fix please let me know. 
  • neovirageneovirage Posts: 6
    I finally got my freeze issue to go away after the v13 update. It worked fine before that. I'm not entirely sure what fixed it however.
    What I tried today was:

    1) Making sure my NVIDIA drivers was up to date. v. 442.19
    2) I disabled the PTC and let everything install.
    3) Then I unplugged the cable from the USB 3.0 outlet on my computer (I'm using a USB 3.0 hub in between the computer and VR cable)
    4) I enabled PTC again and let it fully install
    5) Used:
    • Open OculusDebugTool.exe (by default, in C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics)
    • Under the Oculus Link section make sure that "Encode Resolution Width" is set to 2784 or less. (I set it to 1600)*
    • Rebooted the Oculus App by going to Settings -> Beta -> Restart Oculus
    • Reboot your Oculus Quest.
    6) Plugged the USB hub into a USB 3.1 port on my computer and voila, it worked! :D:smile:

    Gonna be interesting to see if it still works later on though, but I managed to get a few hours of playtime in today without the screen freezing or other issues. 
    Hopefully this might help someone else.

  • TheGuineaPigTheGuineaPig Posts: 4
    I did the exact same thing, so far so good! Thanks for your input.
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