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IDP / Glasses question

MakkenzMakkenz Posts: 1
Hello everyone, 
I wondering if I have to arrange my IDP because I wearing glasses ? 
I mean, does wearing glasses cause a zoom effect that would distort the IDP?

I ask you guys, because I using a Rift S for a couple of month now, it's very cool ... but I need to re-adjust it every 5 minutes because of a bluffy effect on both side ... 

So if you four-eyed guys like me have an idea, just tell me =)
Ty for reading!


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 196

    You shouldn't have to constantly readjust the IPD setting. You should just set it to your correct IPD, the same number used to fit the lenses in you spectacles, and that's it.

    As the IPD adjustment on the Rift S is software based, it won't be perfect in every situation. But so long as your IPD is within the recommended range you should be fine.
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