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fixed ipd on rift s. i have a ipd of 72 should i still buy?

okay so i am a vr noobie right now, ive never had a vr before and am excited to get into the group but i have one problem. i've done a lot of research on the best budget pcvr to get right now and i've decided to go with the rift s. One thing i should have looked into sooner was the fixed ipd. i didn't realize i had a wider ipd than most (72mm) and i've seen many posts on eye strain, motion sickness and general discomfort; although i see the intergraded ipd software can go up to 72mm, i'm still wondering if this is a not a good option, and if i should go with the oculus quest with the pcvr link or rather a different pcvr headset. thanks for your time y'all! 
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