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Rift S random height issue / floating above the ground

Put on the headset today and noticed that my height was off. It felt like I was floating a few feet above the ground. I reset the guardian setup but every time i do it puts me even higher until i was eventually stuck in the ceiling of oculus home. Resetting the sensor calibration did nothing. Tried to restart the oculus service, reconnect the headset, restart the computer - no change whatsoever.
This issue has not occured before and i made no changes to my setup, room or software since yesterday, when it was still working fine. 
I've read about a lot of people with the same type of issue but found no definitive solution. Can anyone help?


  • GamingTC2GamingTC2 Posts: 34
    Brain Burst
    Go to oculus home in vr.  Click settings, then guardian, click on reset.  Pull out usb3, reseat it.  Do the guardian setup.  Problem should be solved.
  • JanVanDammeJanVanDamme Posts: 2
    Did nothing, still keeps making me taller and taller
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