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Green static problem.

I have the original cv1 rift I got my first one christmas 2019 and after like 2 months the screen started going static green then the screen died "ok? that was weird ill just return it and get it fixed" 'a long time later' 'vr shows up' "wow i can't wait to play vr again!" 'two months later' you know the drill went green returned it got another one same thing just a loophole now its today it happened 2 months ago and I don't even have warranty but i'm still getting a new one "god thank you" anyone know to at least fix this a slight bit this is getting out of hand. i've reinstalled all the crap cords and stuff look perfectly fine. I've gotta say its not my problem its not my pc i just have no idea what is going on with it. Instead of them just giving me another vr thats oughta break just plz give me a quest lol. cya :(


  • flamingosflamingos Posts: 4
    plz help
  • stephan.martin.3511stephan.martin.3511 Posts: 1
    Well, I don't really have much to help, but I just started having the same problem today with my oculus quest. My quest started having issues two days ago, with a bright light showing out the left lens after a few minutes of playing, and then today the left lens is dead, with the right one showing green static. I am contacting oculus support about it now, but if you know anything that may of caused it, then it would be awesome if you could let me know, as I was doing nothing out of the ordinary as far as I know.
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