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Why are there no "stickies"?

I'm new here but old everywhere else....and there's a lot of talent on this forum.....a lot of cutting edge thinkers as most early adopters are. You guys see the same questions by the new guys a million why isn't there a sticky for new guys to refer to. There are just the release notes. Even on manufacturers forums they typically let you post them.

On a few other forums I belong to, we kind of "suggest" that new guys read them....but it helps them a lot faster then you guys dealing with "drive by's" or one shot wonders. 

Since you guys are all technical, I own an ATN computerized night/day CAS (cool as s...)scope for a pellet rifle. Completely legal and deadly accurate. Takes 1 shot(I fine tune with 2) to sight in, the third, 4th & 5th will all go through the same hole, even if I move as long as I put the dot on the empty hole! I can't tell you how much fun it is to shoot it  BUT there was a crudload of setup issues....a lot more then my Rift, like 25 times as many(only had one cable order issue for S). There were power issues, cable issues to remote power packs, mem cards, program issues, BT connecting to a phones, all kinds of issues but they all had answers or workarounds. After watching the same thing, a few of us wrote a sticky and posted all of them together as The worked for a lot of guys and still does.

I know there is a "Feedback" slot here but it's you guys that make it work so it's your forum so I'm asking you.....

Just curious guys, why not?

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