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No Power

I just got the rift S and it worked for about 5 minutes when all power to headset was lost couldnt even finish the set up now it no longer powers up just a very faint red light where the orange light was


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 798 Oculus Staff
    Hey @XxJah0vaxX, I'm sorry to hear about your issue with your Rift S. If you haven't already, please try connecting to different USB 3.0 ports and make sure that none of your USB power saving options aren't enabled in the Windows Device Manager. Also, please try removing the headset cable from the headset and re-connecting it. You will need to remove the facial interface to access the cable. Please contact support here if you need more help. Thanks! -Rick
  • XxJah0vaxXXxJah0vaxX Posts: 5
    Yea I @OculusSupport I did all that bought the usb expansion card as well contacted support just waiting for my shipping label should get it today
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