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Graphics cards and downloading games

I got the Oculus rift S and had only glanced at the specs needed ever so quickly before. My pc is all set as per the recommended specs except for some reason I thought my gtx 760 was fine, now only I see the recommended was a gtx 970 not 760. I've ordered a 1660ti and eagerly await its delivery. However-my first question to anyone that can help is would I not be able to play any game even if it barely ran with the gtx 760 while I wait? I haven' t even seen the Oculus light up :( It just said display port not working?! I thought it was the update issue so I went through the 6 billion steps to back track to the previous bug free version but its still the same.

My second question is, considering my internet connection is tortuously slow at the best of times I thought I'd download my games so long so that when I get my new graphics card (assuming its not working at all is because of my graphics card) I've already got my games. It doesn't let me, it flickers downloading quickly and then goes back to install. Doesn't it download the games to the pc? Why wont it download? Asgards wrath is going to take foooooorrrreeeevvvvvveerrr.
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