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Are specific ports involved when casting to Chromecast?

PeterP1954PeterP1954 Posts: 1
I am currently working with Linksys tech support to get my Linksys EA7300 MAX-STREAM™ AC1750 MU-MIMO Gigabit WiFi Router to enable the Quest to "recognize" my Chromecast.  I am wondering if perhaps one or more ports that are required for casting are being blocked.  Does anyone know what, if any, specific ports need to be open or forwarded? 


  • ezop73ezop73 Posts: 289
    Nexus 6
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    Chomecast uses wifi inorder to work correctly so it would just needs basic outbound web ports and your network should allow P2P connections, The quest doesn't work with all versions of chromecast (Very few built in TV models of chromecast work but a lot of others don't).

  • tateconceptstateconcepts Posts: 17

     If you are internal to this network (it's not like remote somewhere or belongs to someone else) and own a consumer networking solution, you are likely using NAT and there is no ingress/egress traffic filtering. Everything likely has a network address of - I'd even bet that the first three xxx are also the same number or octet. 

    I think this is the problem right here from that thread...
    There are a few things to keep in mind when casting to a Chromecast device:
    • This feature is still in beta.
    What isn't in beta with Oculus anyway?

    Chromecast queries or advertisements are sent to the mDNS multicast address for delivery to all clients on the subnet (same network). It relies on mDNS operating at UDP port 5353 (internal people, not your NAT firewall) and each query or advertisement is sent to the following reserved group addresses: 
    • IPv4 Group Address – 

    The addresses used by the mDNS protocol are link-local multicast addresses and thus are only forwarded on the local L2 domain. Routers cannot use multicast routing to redirect the traffic because the time to live (TTL) is set to one, and link-local multicast is meant to stay local by design. If you are using a newer higher end router with wireless N and AC, some of these offer different network SSID (human readable network identifiers, i.e. HomeWifi, ATTWireless, etc) and also have a feature to separate the two on different but routable subnets. Unless you can permit these to traverse it, make sure you are on the same SSID and subnet for both. I speculate this may be your cause. If not, open a case with your router/modem combo provider (which may be your ISP).

  • Umpa_PCUmpa_PC Posts: 742
    Is it possible to cast to a chromecast over Wifi without a WAN connection?
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