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Changing your name, NOT your user name

FamilyloweFamilylowe Posts: 2
I bought the Quest, turned it on, set it up and created a user name, and was charging it and went to work, my son asked to use it, I said yes (my bad). He got on and then linked it to his facebook account. Now when anyone else gets on, or I try to show it to other people it says "Welcome hisname* and I can't seem to change it. I can reset the user name, but I don't need to change that, just his name, but I can't seem to find any way to do that, even tried a factory reset.

so... anyone? Thanks.


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 346
    edited February 25

    You have to unlink the FB account or link a different one. You do this from the settings menu in the phone app.

    I just checked. You can also deselect "log in with Facebook" from the settings menu. That might do it.

  • FamilyloweFamilylowe Posts: 2
    Hi Crazy_Sane,

    I have gone on to the App, went to settings and under account there is the "Log in with facebook", However even after clicking "unlink" it still showed my son's name when logging in to the Oculus Quest. So I had him delete his facebook account, still when we log into the Quest his name comes up. I did a factory reset of the Quest, no success there either. There seems to be no way unlink his name with my user name without making a facebook account and logging into that and I do not want to do that.

    I just want to delink my username and his information, undo his mistake. My email and his (now deleted account and name) seem to be join forever and I really don't want that.
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