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How to use Link with Quest?

ElliotLokeElliotLoke Posts: 4
Hi, I´m getting a bit confused about how to connect my Oculus Quest to my PC to get access to games through Rift and Steam. I just would just like to check if I understand it correctly. 1) Oculus Link is the concept of connecting your Oculus (regardless of type (Quest, Rift S, Go)) to a PC and getting access to Rift games. 2) All Oculus VR headsets use the Rift Software by installing it on the PC? 3) Then you can as well buy the Oculus cable to connect to your PC, but other cables may work as well? Have I understood it correctly, or am I completely lost? 


  • enigma01enigma01 Posts: 761
    edited February 24
    ‘Oculus Link’ is actually specific to the Oculus Quest. It’s software included in the Rift PC and Quest software that allows Rift library games to be played on the Quest whilst tethered to a compatible gaming PC.

    Only the Rift, Rift S and Quest use the Rift PC software. 

    You can tether your Quest to PC and use the Link feature with any good quality USB 3.0 cable. It doesn’t have to be the official cable, many owners (including myself) get a good experience using 3rd party cables. 
  • LaformaXLaformaX Posts: 5
    if you have a decent pc you can try googlin' for ALVR v8. here you get an apk you need to sideload onto your quest and an vr device driver for your windows system. then you can connect your quest wirelessly to your pc. works with steamvr/opencomposite and even oculus games.
  • ElliotLokeElliotLoke Posts: 4
    Thank you! Very helpful! 
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