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Rift S and Rift Build 14.0 Release Notes



  • WillH5080WillH5080 Posts: 18
    Brain Burst
    Thank you for the good news
  • rinkymehrarinkymehra Posts: 1
    Still waiting for hand tracking on the Rift S. Seems as though the S is being forgotten
  • cigaremoodscigaremoods Posts: 313
    Nexus 6
    dburne said:
    Yeah I guess Stormland and Asgard's wrath was all geared toward FB social media...
    Uh huh.
    I guess implementing Oculus Link with Quest to be able to connect to PC for better gaming experience with the Quest, was all geared toward Social Media/FB.
    Uh huh...

    1) They were created well in advance of the start of the new strategy = making money with our personal information exclusively now. And above all resell them to anyone and no matter what use will be made of them.

    2) Yes, the effort is made to improve the connections and the use of the Quest with a single objective: facebook and its forced use.


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  • jabjab Posts: 272
    Nexus 6
    The day a facebook login is required to use my Oculus equipment, is they day I sell them and go exclusively SteamVR.
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