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Trouble finding a charger

kylesghostkylesghost Posts: 1
So the Oculus Go is sold without a plug to charge it.  I've been looking online but am having trouble finding a proper charger to go with it.  I tried contacting support and was told "Any adapter that is 10W (5V 2A) that can charge a cellphone can be used to charge the Go."   but I am still unsure what to purchase.

I understand some people have a bunch of spare cellphone chargers laying around but that is not the case here and would like to purchase something that I know won't damage the Oculus Go.  I think I found one or two but they cost around 50 bucks and that seemed like a lot.(plus I couldn't even be sure it was safe)

So what should I be getting.. how do I know its the right one... and where can I get it that is reputable if Oculus can't sell me one themselves?  


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