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oculus home items are gone

tanman72999tanman72999 Posts: 1
so i was trying to shore up my oculus home and i deleted one of them. it popped up with a little warning about the home being deleted, fine ok. 
when i go to decorate a new room however, none of the items from that old room are in my inventory. i can't go back to the old room and the reclaim items button doesn't work. am i just shit out of luck for all of the stuff i earned? 


  • ishcalishcal Posts: 1
    I'm missing about half my inventory items, and even getting rewards that pop up as blank, and I haven't deleted anything, they just disappeared - and no amount of restarting, reloading home, etc. is helping
  • AlexotronicAlexotronic Posts: 36 Oculus Start Member
    Same here. Example: Open a "3 new items" box - T-Rex Skull appears, other 2 items are blank.

    Also, I'm missing an old wooden chair and a space-chair from my home.
  • StationRevolteStationRevolte Posts: 1
    Updated to V23 and half of my Home Items are missing. Empty white boxes in the menu as well. I get new boxes to open and some of them turns out as Empty white boxes in the menu too.

    Should I reset my Home ? Will it fix the problem ?
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