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How is the VR development going with online casinos?

GeoffreyBoyGeoffreyBoy Posts: 13
Does anyone know how the VR experience is so far with online casinos? I have seen that some casinos offer the experience already but I haven't tested it yet myself. Has anyone here tried it? How was it? I think it might be quite interesting idea in theory to play poker or blackjack with live dealer in a realistic VR casino environment. However I've had some issues with using my headset for a longer period than about one hour, so maybe it's not a good idea for longer tournaments.


  • BeearterBeearter Posts: 16
    edited June 17
    I`m looking forward it! I like online casinos
  • Ernimus_PrimeErnimus_Prime Posts: 392
    edited June 18
    Bring it.  Be fun.
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  • BeearterBeearter Posts: 16
    Interesting topic!
  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 6,305 Volunteer Moderator
    Beearter said:
    Interesting topic!
    It may be my imagination but some short posts seem like they're designed to run down the count for allowing urls to be shared, maybe urls relating to gambling apps. If so, I think I should mention now, there may be a problem doing that... the foum is for all ages recommended for VR and gambling would not be suitable for the under 18s. As such, there's a good chance links would be removed. Or we may have to set up a rule similar to NSFW topics.

    As I say, it may be my imagination about short posts so apologies if I'm wrong but to avoid any issues I think it's a good thing to mention.
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  • edwarrdnortonedwarrdnorton Posts: 2
    I wanted to try, but then the quarantine began and I did not have time.
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