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Do you regret buying an Oculus VR headset?



  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 7,022 Valuable Player
    Mradr said:
    RedRizla said:
    I don't regret buying an Oculus CV1, but I'm waiting for a proper updated Oculus VR headset now. I would probably have to purchase a used Oculus CV1 if this one becomes faulty. I'm not sure how long Oculus will continue to support outside in tracking, I just hope they support CV1 until a proper upgrade comes along.
    Emm - they are moving away from outside in tracking - so you can pretty much call it "ended" already. They might continue "supporting" it in the future in terms of CV1 - but it's more of a "support it till it breaks - never to improve it".
    You have just repeated what I already wrote ;)
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