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Android 10 update ... My software no longer works, it boots but there is no navigation

jon.king.wajon.king.wa Posts: 1
My phone updated android to 10 on a Note 9+, since then my Gear VR boot but leaves me in a room but it has no navigation, I can do a full 360 on my office chair and I do not get any options screen, navigation, etc. just the room in 3D. My controller also fails to get any navigation up. 

Does anyone else have the same issue, I contacted Samsung and I was told it was not their issue to fix


  • baldricraygebaldricrayge Posts: 2
    edited March 1
    I have the exact same issue on S9+.  I had to uninstall everything Gear VR related and then reinstall the Oculus Gear VR app just to get it back to the room.  I can do nothing more than view the room though.
  • daniel.sder.7daniel.sder.7 Posts: 1
    edited March 2
    Same problem here on S9 (not plus)
  • itsbusinesstimeitsbusinesstime Posts: 2
    Same issue with Samsung S9 after android 10 update, went through Occulus customer service which was a waste of time, glad to see they're taking this seriously.... guess my gear headset is just a useless piece of plastic now
  • baldricraygebaldricrayge Posts: 2
    I did a full factory reset on my S9+.  I did not restore from backup.  Everything works now with the Gear VR and Oculus app.  I don't know if doing a factory reset and restoring your data from backup would also work.  I just decided to swing the big hammer.
  • ivor.bonelessivor.boneless Posts: 1
    s9 recent android update has killed the gear vr, shuts the vr down in about 20 seconds. i tried every thing but a factory reset, just ordered hp reverb g2
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