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Any fixes to intermittent vibration only while playing beat saber?

TitansRiseTitansRise Posts: 1
edited February 28 in Support
I have a Rift and recently upgraded my PC so I had to reinstall everything. Normally while playing beat saber, when you cross sabers they both vibrate, or when you cut a block with both sabers simultaneously they both vibrate. For me, ever since running on the new PC, they wont vibrate at all if they're both supposed to. Each individually will vibrate normally if I only am cutting one block. Tracking is as accurate as it was before and there appear to be no issues in other games.I have tried changing what USB ports the sensor and headset are plugged into. I own and run the game from the Oculus store/library.


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 355
    If you want support try submitting a support ticket. This is the community forum. 
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