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Store credit promotion

maragokmaragok Posts: 2
I got a notification (two of them actually) on my phone about a promotion saying that I'd get $10 store credit if I bought 2 games within 10 days. Clicking the notification just sent me to the store. I bought two games, but haven't received the store credit yet. Any idea when I can expect that/what went wrong?

Weirdly, I couldn't find the promotion mentioned online, so maybe it was only sent to a few users?


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 662 Oculus Staff
    Hey @maragok, the promotion was only sent to some users. The store credit will be issue within two weeks of the second purchase. If you're still not seeing the credit after the two week, please contact support here. Thanks! -Rick 
  • RedDog_PJRedDog_PJ Posts: 6
    Hey Rick! I'd like to get a promotion like this... where do I sign up?? :)
  • maragokmaragok Posts: 2
    Contacted support via chat, who now claims it's supposed to mean 14 business days and filed a ticket to check...
  • lightheartfamlightheartfam Posts: 2
    14 business days is correct. I bought 6 games on March 5th after getting this promotion, and just received $30 store credit today (March 24th) which is 14 business days from March 5th. 
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