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Licensing apps to multiple devices in a school

jduff72jduff72 Posts: 1
One of the schools I support used a mini-grant to get a number of Oculus Go devices.  They want to put apps on them (of course).  In the Apple universe, there is a program, formerly called Volume Purchasing Program (VPP), that is now integrated with Apple School Manager. It allows us to buy app licenses in bulk (often at a discounted price) and assign the licenses to certain devices, revoke the licenses, then assign them to other devices.  VPP also allowed us to purchase with a school or district-level AppleID, and not require the student devices to be logged in.  Since we are a PK-8, most of our students are under 13 years old, so logging in with an AppleID is problematic.

Having our predominantly-under-13 users have Facebook accounts is not going to happen.  Giving them each Oculus accounts may be possible, but the devices are shared, so that doesn't really make sense either.

What is the best way to purchase apps for multiple, shared Oculus Go devices?

Thanks in advance!

Jay Duff, CCE, ACMT, ACiT
Network Specialist
Mannheim School District 83
Franklin Park, IL
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