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Oculus Quest/Link Lost Between Two Worlds

808Exile808Exile Posts: 39
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Hi All,

So I've got an Oculus Quest and when I'm in standalone mode it behaves like a Quest and when I go to the my Oculus account on my PC it shows all my Quest apps which is as it should be. However, when I plug it in to my PC using Oculus Link then my Quest behaves like an Oculus Rift but when I go to my Rift on the PC it doesn't show anything even though I have Rift apps that work with Oculus Link.

So is there or is there going to be a place that shows all your apps etc that requires an Oculus Link connection to the PC (and causes the Quest to function like a Rift). The Rift apps I own and that were bought through the Oculus store show up under my orders, but no place else. Placing them under the Rift/Rift S category might be a bit confusing especially since not all Rift titles work with Oculus Link, but maybe adding a category called Oculus Rift L or just Oculus Link would be a option.  

I realize that Oculus Link is still new and they are working out the kinks, so I was just wondering if anyone knew if there were plans to implement something like this.




  • dburnedburne Posts: 3,173 Valuable Player
    Not sure I understand, all my Rift titles show up in Quest Link just as they would if I had my Rift S on.

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  • 808Exile808Exile Posts: 39
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    Hi Don,

    I'm talking about on the store page on the PC. I can see all the titles on the headset as well, but I being a little old school I like to manage my account on the PC and none of my Rift titles show up on the Oculus page on the PC.

    Hope that clarifies my post a little.


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