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Help With Upgrading a PC

SpokyRokSpokyRok Posts: 1
Just recently, after buying an Oculus Rift S, I found out two things: 1: my laptop was running on my integrated graphics card for the past two years, and more importantly, 2: that my computer doesn't have a DisplayPort. Before, I thought I could have just used a USB-C to DisplayPort adapter, but low and behold, after fixing the fact that my laptop was defaulting straight to the integrated graphics card (thanks SteamVR Performance Check), I found out that only my HDMI port came out of my discrete graphics card, which wouldn't support this headset. I do have another solution, however.

There's a desktop I have lying around that does have DisplayPort functionality. There's only two problems with it, which are the questions I'm looking to have answered.

1. The hard drive seems to not work. If anyone needs the specific model of it, it is a Seagate 2TB HDD (model ST2000DM001). Does anyone have a solution to fixing it, and if not, what other hard drive solutions there are?

2. The graphics card is too weak. Is there a certain recommendation someone has for a cheap (under $250) graphics card, and can you also show me the place to put it? (I'm new to building PCs, if that wasn't obvious enough.)

If anyone has any answers, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


  • Hiro_Protag0nistHiro_Protag0nist Posts: 4,951 Valuable Player

    But seriously...  what is the CPU like in this PC?  RAM?  You need all of them to be good enough.  Depending on those, you might just be best buying a new PC.

    But, you are best getting a new SSD (then you've got to think about OS).  For a graphics card, you're best going for a 2060 if you can stretch a little bit, or a 1060(6GB) if you can pick one up.

    Best option i think is a new PC though.
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