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Ion Accelerator Rifle Mod - robo recall

Firestorm185Firestorm185 Posts: 121
Post image

Futuristic Modular Rifle by Ramhat on Sketchfab

- Description -

This mod is based around the Energy Rifle, but I wanted to modernise it a little bit, give it a more realistic sci-fi model. I found this incredible scifi rifle model by Ramhat on Sketchfab, and it just fit so perfectly, I had to make it into a mod!

This mod includes :

- toggleable full auto
- 50 round mag
- no spin up
- Energy Rifle Override
- new model and textures

- ion blowback barrel!

- Downloads -

V1 -

- Patch Notes -

V1 - Release version!

PC specs - GTX 1070 (MSI AERO); 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3; intel i5-4590, MSI motherboard (don't remember but it was a combo deal) and an EVGA Supernova 750W semi-modular.
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