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Rift S Audio issues.

MasterPanzieMasterPanzie Posts: 4
I've looked as far as I could and have gone through oculus support for a few months to no avail. I've even replaced my rift. 

Here are the details.

Intel Core I7-5930K
CPU @ 3.5GHz
Nvidia GTX980 (x2)
Windows 10 Pro v 1909

Upon booting my pc (having my rift plugged in before I boot) and changing my audio to Rift S. My entire PC audio is output to my rift.

Okay so far so good.

It will play audio out like a speaker all day no issues.

I put the rift on. Oculus home loads.

So far so good.

Roughly 5 minutes pass and theres a short freeze. Loss of tracking. Sound halts. Environment does that nuasiating thing where it doesnt stay  on the ground.

This short pause lasts like one second, then everything returns to normal with the exception that the sound is crashed and I will periodically get thos short freezes intermittently.

The ONLY things I've been able to find that restores sound is by going to settings and restarting oculus and also by unplugging and replugging in the headset. But the issue still persists shortly after replugging it in. 

When I say no sound I mean none through oculus period. My game (if attempting to play one) audio stops mirroring on my external audio. My headset doesn't make a chime when I tap the volume selector through my PC. Test this device doesnt make a chime. Nothing. And yes. All of these steps DO work in the short window before the audio cuts out. 

I've reinstalled oculus 100% (manually deleting EVERYTHING) and checked ALL of my USB ports. Including updating them AND plugging my headset into all of them individually. 

Yes I've set it as my default device yes it's on a 3.0 and yes i have run the windows troubleshooter to no avail. 

I've done everything short of swinging it by the cord and vaulting it out my window. 

Please help me. Oculus support has been great but maybe someone else has a stupid fix? I just wanna play games man. 


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 265
    Nexus 6
    So you haven't tried the vaulting thing yet? Maybe you should, just to cover all bases.

    Are all of your drivers up to date? Do you have any other software running at the same time? Can you access any logs that might tell you what's happening when it pauses for a moment?
  • RezervRezerv Posts: 1
    I'm having the same issue. Only way to fix it is restart oculus. At first it happened after about an hour or 2, then 30 min, now it's about 5 minutes of playing, making games unplayable. I'm only trying to play Half Life: Alyx.
  • MasterPanzieMasterPanzie Posts: 4
    Yeah all my drivers are updated. no software in the background. and as far as logs go ive sent a few to oculus support but havent looked at them myself in fear it would be over my head. but ill glance through them and update as to weather it helped or not. as far as PC logs, i have no clue how id find what im looking for. vaulting is sounding better and better...

    Sorry to hear you're facing the same issues i am. yes! same thing happened to me! long time at first then shorter over time. I wonder what can be causing it. I'm not happy you have an issue but I'm happy its somewhere else too and I'm not a unique case. That implies a software/hardware issue specific to oculus.

    are your specs simillar to mine? what steps if any have you covered? any ideas or thoughts?
  • MasterPanzieMasterPanzie Posts: 4
    hm. heres a few errors i found (of many many many)

    [Service_2020-03-18_17.51.46.txt] 18/03 18:25:52.056 {WARNING} [KMCore] [VISION][VIPER] IMU is running ahead of cam by 69.091 ms. Dropping frame.

    [Service_2020-03-18_19.46.11.txt] 18/03 19:48:21.868 {WARNING} [KMCore] [Aggregated 25 times] [VISION][VIPER] IMU is running ahead of cam by 92.633 ms. Dropping frame.

    [Service_2020-03-20_15.52.10.txt] 20/03 16:49:09.037 {!ERROR!} [KMHal] (HAL): ERROR: (hidapi.cpp:130): Failed to send feature report (0, -1, A device attached to the system is not functioning.

    [Service_2020-03-20_15.52.10.txt] 20/03 16:49:09.493 {!ERROR!} [KMHal] (FW): 339161712 [error  ] {UUSB}: Unexpected transfer. Status: 1

    [Service_2020-03-20_15.52.10.txt] 20/03 16:49:09.493 {!ERROR!} [KMHal] (FW): 339161712 [error  ] {UUSB}: Unexpected transfer. Status: 0

    [Service_2020-03-20_16.53.04.txt] 20/03 16:53:05.688 {INFO}    [KMHal] (FW): B}: Unexpected transfer. Status: 0

    [Service_2020-03-20_16.53.04.txt] 20/03 16:53:05.688 {!ERROR!} [KMHal] (FW): 339282803 [error  ] {UUSB}: Unexpected transfer. Status: 0

    [Service_2020-03-20_16.53.04.txt] 20/03 17:39:10.173 {!ERROR!} [KMHal] [TrackingHal] [PCHAL] Call 'pc_hal_haptics_setbuffered':2649 returned a device error, Wireless RX/TX error (PC HAL result 18)

  • MasterPanzieMasterPanzie Posts: 4
    edited 2:57PM
    attached full logs here

    or at least im trying too
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