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Why Can't The Rift S Use Hand Tracking?

I am a huge fan of Oculus's work on the Quest with all of the cool abilities and things it can do its just an amazing device. I really really think the hand tracking software is pretty cool. But I still have some questions as a Rift S user. Why can't software for the Oculus Quest's Hand Tracking be ported over onto the Rift S? I've wanted to try hand tracking but I have a Rift S and sadly it doesn't support the controllerless hand tracking. The Rift S seems like it would be more than capable to handle hand tracking with the PC and the right software. Now there could be a reason why the Rift S doesn't have hand tracking that I as a consumer may not know. Like maybe the Quest is just more popular and Oculus wants as many people as possible to try hand tracking to help find and fix bugs before porting it to the Rift S. But I really want to encourage Oculus to try and make a Rift S hand tracking but if not that's okay it's just as a Rift S user I feel left out. There is not really anything to be excited about on the Oculus Rift S beside new games and stuff like that. But if it's simply because the Rift platform isn't as popular as the Quest I totally understand, you want to get VR out to as many people as possible and if the Quest is the way to go then go for it! Thanks again to Oculus for what you do!


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 912
    i'm sure it will eventually come to the rift but rite now their focus is on testing with the largest player base possible and the quest is ideal for that. If they can get the latency down on quest its sure to make it to the rift
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