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Oculus Account

DG1945DG1945 Posts: 2
i have two Oculus Quest headsets.   Given to me by my son as we hold up in self isolation to keep the old folks busy.   My wife and I are just beginning so I have some basic questions
1) I have purchased a couple of games and added to my account.   Questions can my wife be playing with her headset on my account using the same or different games or does she need her own account.   If needs her own account can I share my games with her of do we need to have two copies (one for each account)
2) We both have found that there is very little documentation for the games which in most cases has not been a major problem.  However, in the painting games my wife likes there are few to no manuals as to how the various items can be used.   Is the a way to get a manual for Tilt Brush
3) I do not understand the guardian setup.   I have play with the room set but it seems to keep shifting orientation and size.   When I sit the guardian becomes very small and I cannot seem to enlarge it. 
Any assistance is appreciated.   Thanks 


  • NunyabinezNunyabinez Posts: 44
    Brain Burst
    I can answer number 1 for you. Yes, you can sign into two headsets with the same account and have access to the games. This would allow you to only buy any given game once. The only limitation is that you and your wife can't play any multi-player games, with the exception of a few apps like Rec Room, where you create a separate user account for the game itself.

    So, if for example, you wanted to play Elven Assassin (a true multi-player app) with your wife, you would actually need two accounts and would need to buy each of you a copy of the game. The other issue is that you can't switch between accounts without completely wiping the headset. So, if you wanted to share one account except for when you play Elven Assassin, you would have to wipe one of the headsets, and lose most if not all of your games' progress.

    So, if it were me, I would simply log both headsets onto one account and hope that over time Oculus updates the software to allow account switching. As of the moment, the multi-player options for the Quest are still relatively few.
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  • DG1945DG1945 Posts: 2
    thanks for the answer    Have a great day
  • KentobiKentobi Posts: 95
    Hiro Protagonist
    Tilt brush is Google software, so the official documentation and assistance is through them. 

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