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Oculus link not working.

apad1986apad1986 Posts: 1
edited March 23 in Oculus Quest
I recently had gotten the anker 10ft cable to be able to use oculus link for the first time. Whenever I first plugged in the cable, everything worked fine. The light was green and it said 'connected,' but whenever I put on my quest and enabled link, it sent me back to the quest screen. The light changed to orange and said that it had a 'general problem.' Does anyone know how to fix this or know why this is happening?


  • enigma01enigma01 Posts: 661
    What are the specs of your PC, and are you definitely using a USB 3.0 Anker cable (I’ve come across a few people who have bought USB 2.0 cables thinking they are 3.0). 

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