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Rift S Crackling/Mic-quality issues?

Since the past few weeks, my Rift S seems to have had issues with it's mic acting up or "robotting", as well as a weird crackling noise like static from the speakers which continues over to the 3.5 mm headphones port for any set of headphones I own. At first it was just the robotting, which was bareable, but then the audio cackling came about a few days after. These issues don't appear when the oculus software is completely shut off in the "services" tab for task manager. I have tried 
Updating all drivers
Repairing Oculus
Restarting/Public Test Channel
Using every USB port possible on my computer. 
Turning off and on the exclusivity options in the windows speaker settings. 
Setting options to default. 
(There is no Adapter/Hub) 
Made sure USB power saving settings/Device power management for RiftS was off as suggested. 
Made sure all cords, including the two behind the interface, were plugged in. 

Any ideas? I'm thinking of just returning and trying to get another one. 


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