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Oculus Rift Disconnection Issues

thomassimeththomassimeth Posts: 1

I want to bring an old post up here because i have exactely this issue:

"So I've been having issues with my headset disconnecting a LOT.

I found that pushing on the facial interface caused sporadic, inconsistent disconnects. However, when I removed the facial interface and applied pressure directly to the headset, I discovered that by applying moderate pressure above the right lens I could get the headset to disconnect with 100% certainty on EVERY attempt. Because of the location, this meant that the disconnects are being triggered simply by how the headset is sitting on my face.

It was not the cable, it was not my computer failing to provide adequate power... it is DEFINITELY something inside the headset, above the right lens. The reason the disconnects are so sporadic is simply due to how I happened to be wearing the headset from time to time. I found that if I adjusted it so that it was tilted downward, putting most of the weight/pressure UNDER my eyes, it disconnected less frequently. But as I played and the headset slowly moved, pressure slowly shifting upward to my brow, the headset disconnected more frequently.

So if you are suffering headset disconnects and nothing is helping, here's the test I want you to try:

  1. Remove the facial interface.

  2. Cover the facial sensor with something (like earthquake/museum putty) to turn the screen on.

  3. With your thumb, gently, but firmly apply pressure to the plastic band above the right lens (where the facial interface snaps in). This should trigger the disconnect.

  4. If you don't see results right away, move your thumb along the right half of that plastic band, applying pressure every half-an-inch or so."

Does anyone have a solution for this? (Sending it in will probably not be possible for me, as the guarantee has expired and i bought it second hand.)

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