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Oculus Quest, iMac, HL: Alyx

BrutCZBrutCZ Posts: 4
I have Oculus Quest and desktop iMac 2017 (3,4 GHz Intel i5, Radeon Pro 570 4GB, 40GB). What are my options for running HL: Alyx in Quest? Is Radeon Pro 570 enough? Should I install Windows on my Mac (with Boot camp) or is there a solution working in macOS? I know there is Oculus Link as option, or Virtual Desktop app but I think both needed Windows 10 and I am not sure if it even works after I install Windows on Mac. Has anyone tested this? Get this working? Or is there any other solution?
Thanks for help


  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 5,574 Volunteer Moderator
    Half-Life: Alyx is a Windows only game, but more importantly the Oculus Rift software (which is what you'd be using with Link) only supports Windows, so yes, Boot Camp would be necessary for VR on a Mac.

    I think you'll need to search the forum for iMac threads (just type iMac in the search box) to see how some users have managed to get Quest running via Link. Performance seems to be a problem for anything other than a pretty powerful iMac Pro.
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