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Getting a second Oculus Go to play with my wife.

DaubbieDaubbie Posts: 8
edited March 24 in Oculus Go
I am new to Oculus go as well as this forum. Might sound like a stupid question but I have bought a second Oculus Go in hopes of enjoying apps like Wander etc. together with my wife of 40 years. I don't know if this is possible but it would be great to go back to where we spent our honeymoon together or traveling to new places together or even watching a movie together
Does anyone know if this is possible and how do I make it happen???


  • DaubbieDaubbie Posts: 8
    Please.....does anyone know how to do this???   The second Go is being delivered today!!!! Thanks for your help in advance!!!
  • michaeljones161michaeljones161 Posts: 8
    I'm typing this from memory, so I hope it's all correct.

    You will need a second Oculus account for the new Go. Set up the new Go with the new account. It's easiest to use another phone - so use your wife's but you can log in and out on the same phone if you want.

    From your headset, add the new headset account as a friend. You might have to have a Facebook account for each Oculus account. I'm not sure about that.

         To add friends to your Oculus account on your computer:

    1. Open the Oculus app on your computer.
    2. Select Friends from the bottom-left menu.
    3. Click Add Friends and search by someone's username or first name and surname to add them.

         To add friends to your Oculus account from your Oculus Quest or Go headset:

    1. Press the Oculus button to bring up your bottom toolbar.
    2. Select the People menu from the bottom toolbar and choose Friends.
    3. Select the Add Friend icon at the top of the Friends panel and search by someone's username or first name and surname to add them.

         To add friends to your Oculus account using the Oculus app on your phone:

    1. Open the Oculus app on your phone.
    2. Tap Friends from the bottom menu, then tap Add Friends.
    3. Search by someone's username or first name and surname to add them.
    You will have to buy Wander for the new headset. Yes, you have to pay for it again on the new account. Install Wander on the new headset. Both log in to Wander on your respective headsets.

    You can then invite your wife to a Wander session - you will host the session and control where you visit. You click on the multiplayer icon with three heads. It will ask you to create a room. When you do, you can select 'Friends only' so you don't get random people joining you. Send an invite to your wife. She has to accept the invite. And away you go. Wherever you travel, she will follow.

    Of course, she could host the session and you can follow her.
  • DaubbieDaubbie Posts: 8
    Thanks sooooo much Mike. Really appreciate it!!!
  • michaeljones161michaeljones161 Posts: 8
    How did you get on with Wandering with your wife? Did you need a Facebook account for yourself/her?
  • EnricoDEnricoD Posts: 1
    Can't you play with your wife in real life? ;-)
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