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How to upgrade my PC for Rift S

rick.yannotta.9rick.yannotta.9 Posts: 1
Hi Everyone, 
I just purchased my son a Rift S for my son. I have a outdated 10 year old PC in a Mini case that built primarily as a Music Production PC. The ASUS Z68-M Motherboards onboard USB3 ports are not working with the Rift S. I know these are early USB3 ports and probably not compatible but I'm not sure they are ASmedia yet. I tried updating USB Drivers, but every time I plug the Rift in I get the yellow triangles in device manager. I would go the USB3 PCI-E card route but there is only one PCI-E slot and its being used by the graphics card. Again this MOBO was during early PCI-E adoption as well. So Right off the bat, I can tell I will probably need to update the Motherboard (preferably MINI-ATX as I have a really sleek mini case that fits perfectly in my desk), Ram, Processor, and Graphics card (I have a EVGA GTX 1050 in there now, just below minimum specs unfortunately). I would like to order the parts ASAP and make a fun project out of showing him how to build a PC! If anyone can point me in the right direction as to what hardware you would recommend, It would be greatly appreciated as I'm really not up to date with what's going on these days. 


  • MaxxgoldMaxxgold Posts: 516
    You are going to need to build from the ground up. Decide if you want AMD or Intel. Once you decide that, the. Find the motherboard for the processor you pick. Then find the ram that will fit in that motherboard. I have had good luck with ASUS, so that is always the motherboards I use. You can use your old hard drive but most of the new motherboards have NVME or M.2 drive slots, and I would go that route. Even the lowest NVME drive kicks ass. Start looking and comparing prices. I just buy on Amazon and Newegg, and even if you purchase elsewhere, there are a good amount of reviews in Amazon. Also, upgrade that 1050 video card while you are at it. 
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