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Display Port issue

NavBhogalNavBhogal Posts: 1
Hey all just wondering if i can get some help on this one. Picked up a Rift S and struggling to get it to output properly. Have met all the requirements but whenever i plug in my headset both my main Acer Display goes black and no output on the headset itself.

Tried rolling back and updating drivers but no luck, even tried plugging into different ports . Also tried dropping the res on the monitor and the refresh rate with no luck.

Borrowed a freinds WMR HP Reverb and same issue when plugging in it'sDP cable. Upon further investigation i can only run the my main Acer monitor from the DP number 3 Port and none of the others on the card. I seem to get no output from any other display port. Is there something obvious i'm missing or do i have a dud card?

Currently using a Inno3d gtx 1080 and a fresh install of windows 10 Pro with an Acer x34p monitor at 120Hz


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