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Servers Down?

LeCommandantLarrieuLeCommandantLarrieu Posts: 2
NerveGear loads, but when I try to download the Rift setup file, Chrome says "This site can't be reached."

How I got here:
I've already spent the past few days trying to download Stormland, which kept on failing and ate up my internet data cap.
My ISP data cap reset yesterday.
Then I tried to Repair the Oculus installation, which failed, and now it wants to install Oculus from the beginning.
I'm hesitant to delete portions that I've already downloaded, especially knowing that downloading the Oculus program and a couple games is more GB than my monthly data cap, but it feels like I'm just bashing my head against the wall here.
I am so frustrated and isolated right now.
Maybe once Oculus gets things functioning on their end again, I'll start a new discussion and share my log files.

Is anyone else having issues with Oculus servers right now?
All other websites are loading just fine for me.


  • LeCommandantLarrieuLeCommandantLarrieu Posts: 2
    Seems to be working, at least to download the 4.87 MB Rift Installer.
    Disregard OP.
    I"ll create a new post for my other issue if needed.
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