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New User Questions

Bubbakins21Bubbakins21 Posts: 3
Hi, Our GO hardware is coming next week and our goal is to have a virtual birthday party as the first use case.   Quick questions (having no prior experience):
- When an app states "Single User" does that mean it cannot be enjoyed in realtime with others?
- Can we use an Oculus Venue for the birthday party and expect to get everyone involved in without much fuss (we are all new users)?
- Does Oculus TV allow us to all watch TV together?
Thanks for any advice as we anticipate the arrival of our hardware.
Tim Smith


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 1,001
    1) yes this means no multiplayer support
    2) no, venues is for events that oculus hosts
    3) no, this is not multiplayer

    If you're wanting to host a social event in VR i'd recommend big screen ( as it would allow for what you want with question 2 & 3. With this you'll be able to host a room, send an invite code to everyone and when they join you can see each other and watch whatever you want.
  • Bubbakins21Bubbakins21 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the recommendation.   One followup question, we want to watch Netflix together.   Is that possible?
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