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How long does updating take, wen it's the first time? (on GO)

IBrakeForTreesIBrakeForTrees Posts: 2
Am installing the Go. It's paired, it recognizes my Wifi, but when I look through the headset, it says it's updating and I should follow the instructions on the app.  But the app is not offering any instructions.  And it's been about 2 hrs now.  Should I just turn it off and try again?  Thanks.


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 414

    If you have a really slow internet connection it could take a while, but otherwise it shouldn't take that long.

    Did you get it going?

  • IBrakeForTreesIBrakeForTrees Posts: 2
    Had to reset the headset to the factory default.  Then it came right up. (Must have crashed the first time.)
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