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[EYEPATCH BUG] Black Screen on left eye for the Rift, not a connecting issue.

VegaBiggsVegaBiggs Posts: 8
Brain Burst
I had this problem a while ago, I contacted the Oculus Support and their only answere was "unplug and plug the cable again".
It seemed to work for some time. But the problem is back and it's a weird one !

The thing is, I can try to treat my headset as harshly as I want, the image will stay put forever so I can't believe its a connecting issue. And everything is well pluged. But the second I release the joystick to move in the Oculus Home, the left eye goes completely blind ! The only way to get it back is to reset the Oculus App.

And as much as I like to pretend being a pirate with an eyepatch, that is not the way I want to play Half Life : Alyx. In this game, it happens when I load up the first real ingame scene of the balcony. In Racket Fury it happens when I load a match, sometimes both eyes... In some games it doesn't happen. There is something with this headset and updating a scene and I would like Oculus to believe me.

PS : In 2017 I made a post saying that my Rift was getting weirdly hot for nothing, I was told it's normal.
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