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Can I install more instances of one game on the quest?

BadDanMEBadDanME Posts: 64
Hiro Protagonist
I´m wondering, if it may be possible to install a clean, official version of Beat Saber and an other one with mods? Maybe with SideQuest? 
Or can I somehow rename gamefolders, so I can use one folder for the vanilla game and one for the modded version?


  • Umpa_PCUmpa_PC Posts: 486
    Nexus 6
    I would not have thought so, my guess is that paths will we hard coded, Oculus quest does not allow you to choose where to install games. With Android your only choice was either phone memory or sdcard, you don't even get that with the quest, so the game will be be coded to install to a particular directory only. 

    If you renamed the directory, assuming you could even start the app it it would simply go to where it thinks the files should be, and not where they are.

    I have turned off auto update of apps,  so my modded beat-saber carries on with my modded songs. I manually update the games I want - Even if I have no reason, I like the idea of taking a little control back - lol

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  • BadDanMEBadDanME Posts: 64
    Hiro Protagonist
    Haven´t updated Beat Saber since a very long time. But I´m curious for a few DLCs. But the hassle with all the custom songs is too annoying everytime you update the game. So I miss out on all the DLCs, I would have bought, if custom songs were simply supported. 
    Thats why I was asking for the possibility of 2 different versions of the game installed at the same time. 
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