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Quest IPD Popup Bug?

Horm3sisHorm3sis Posts: 1
Is there any ETA on a fix for the IPD slider frequently showing up during gameplay? I've seen hundreds of reports over the past few months, and it's pretty annoying. 

This seems most prevalent at low IPS, i.e, 59.


  • Rosto79Rosto79 Posts: 8
    It's probably because your nose is pushing the lenses apart... At least that is the case with my Quest (I have IPD of 59). 
  • ATP-FloATP-Flo Posts: 44
    Brain Burst
    This occurs like once in a month here and I have like 60-61mm. So no problem here.  I guess it's hardware sided with your quest. Maybe send it to oculus and let them repair it.
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