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sd card , videos slow

hablaty89hablaty89 Posts: 1
I use Gear vr. Why can't I install games on the sd card by default? Why do you have to deal with this afterwards, why can't you ask this before installation? Videos on the oculus website in the phone app and in the pc browser also load very slowly, this should be improved in 2020 should go smoothly, one expects.


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 346

    Unfortunately Oculus has dropped support for the Gear VR, and the Go is soon to follow. It's a shame because they're both great entry level VR systems that are still entertaining.

    My advice is start saving for a Quest. I upgraded from a Gear VR to the Quest and it's well worth it.

  • andersson031andersson031 Posts: 10
    Crazy, the same for me. Thanks for your thoughts.
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